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Polimoda launches new project Talents X Talents

By FashionUnited

Jun 16, 2021


Italian fashion school Polimoda and celebrity stylist Rebecca Baglini launched the project Talents X Talents. The project is dedicated to merging creativity with the talent of emerging young people in different artistic fields. The first installment is dedicated to music, where the students work with artists MYDRAMA and cmqmartina. For this project, a team of students from the fashion school curated a series of looks to create an iconic photography campaign for both artists.

Fashion Design, Fashion Styling and Art Direction students worked with two musical artists who participated in the latest edition of X Factor. Different artistic fields came together with a common goal in mind: to create something innovative and fresh.

"The fashion world, and therefore Polimoda's world, is made of intuition and vision," explains Polimoda Director Massimiliano Giornetti. "Fashion and music are human-centric realms that look for talent in an individual's creative energy. Thanks to this collaboration with Rebecca Baglini, we have united these two fields so students have the opportunity to work with extraordinary artists of our time to achieve something unique.”

The garments were made by fashion design students. With the help of fashion styling students who created the looks and with the vision of art direction students who used their intuition and skills to turn the looks into iconic images. Polimoda students were responsible for creative direction, garment choice, styling and photography.

In the fall, Talents X Talents will share more collaborations and talents from the worlds of music, cinema, theater and art.

Photos: Beatrice Vesprini for Polimoda