Polimoda's Online Open Day focuses on dialogue and human experience

On May 8, Polimoda presents a new format for its Online Open Day, allowing future students the possibility to remotely experience the institute on Zoom with a schedule that includes live interventions, thematic sessions, and the possibility to interact with teachers and counselors within dedicated live virtual rooms.

"In March, our first virtual Open day was a success and we are now ready to take it a step further with live interaction, recreating the human experience that sets us apart and helps us adequately advise all of the young people who are planning their future. In this new era of social distancing, we can still be virtually close because of technology and prepare for the future together," explains Director Danilo Venturi in a press release.

Venturi will introduce Polimoda, discuss the school's values and share upcoming projects as the Master in Fashion Critique with mentorship by Amber Butchart and the Associate programs that are part of the new academic offerings. Afterward, participants can join one of the live virtual rooms composed of a teacher and a counselor based on their preferred programs, including Undergraduate, Master, and Associate in the Fashion Design or Fashion Business areas.

In early April, Polimoda announced a scholarship program for 2020/2021, offering opportunities to access both undergraduate and master programs for young people around the world.

Polimoda has over 2300 students, 70 percent of whom come from abroad.

Image: by Polimoda





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