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Savannah College of Art and Design hires new director of inclusion

By Andrea Byrne

May 9, 2022


Image: Savannah College of Art and Design, LinkedIn

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) has announced the hire of Brittany ‘Lace’ Carter Walker as the university’s new director of inclusion at all SCAD locations.

Walker, a SCAD alumnus with an 11-year tenure at the university, will liaise with SCAD faculty, staff and students to make sure there is an open community and culture that empowers all members to thrive while feeling respected and welcomed.

She will be responsible for developing and administering diversity and inclusion learning for SCAD and increasing the work and ideas of artists, designers, and educators who are members of historically marginalised groups, according to a press release from SCAD.

Additionally, she will focus on expanding recruitment and hiring practices and promoting community collaborations through SCAD SERVE, a platform that encourages engagement in the SCAD community.

Walker said in a statement: “SCAD is my family, my home. It is my intention to ensure every member of our SCAD community feels seen, celebrated, and cared for. It is important that we continue to engage in a culture that accepts all people with respect and open arms.

“I was afforded memorable moments to contribute to embracing our diverse and inclusive culture. When the opportunity came along to work with the office of inclusion, I saw it as a chance to extend my heart, care, and concern for the greater SCAD community, and duplicate my efforts to faculty and staff.

“SCAD has so much to engage in—from museum exhibitions, workshops, events, training, student clubs, alumni affinity groups, tours, library resources, gender-inclusive restrooms, and programs, to name a few. No goal of mine is ever short-term. I do everything with passion and longevity in mind and want it to resonate as a legacy, building a foundation to grow and change with our cultural climate.”

Director of Inclusion
Savannah College of Art and Design