The Prada Group is backing a new degree program offered at the Politecnico di Milano. The firest ever master's degree to specialize in luxury management, the new program provides an International Master in Luxury Management.

The luxury management course is designed for students who aim to develop the skills required to hold key positions in the luxury industry. The international program is structured as a partnership between Italy and France and offers students a dual degree: a first-level master’s degree from the Politecnico di Milano with a Master's of Science from the French Neoma Business School.

Prada serves as the program's main sponsor, along with the French firm Champagne Taittinger.

“Aware of the precious value of education in the current contemporary landscape, we are pleased to announce that the Prada Group adheres to this project with enthusiasm, appreciating the multicultural nature of the students involved, who come from different countries, and their varied skills," said Stefano Rastrelli, the Prada Group's human resources director, in a statement published to the company website.

"It is with pleasure that we support this geographically well-structured path, characterised by a range of different contributions from the academic and business worlds."





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