Wool4school Italy announces 2019/20 winner

The Woolmark Company and the Marzotto Group named Giorgia Cattunar from the Liceo Artistico Enrico and Umberto Nordio of Trieste the winner of the 2019/2020 Wool4school Italia edition. The competition for upper secondary school students, which aims at bringing young designers closer to the world of wool, promoting its innovative use. This year the students had to design a garment or outfit using at least 80 percent merino wool and incorporating the use of technology to improve both performance and functionality.

Cattunar combined wool with another fabric called crabyon (derived from shellfish shells). She proved it is possible to create valid alternatives to synthetic materials, thus creating a new and technological way of "reconnecting" to the world of nature,” according to a press release.

Cattunar her outfit will be physically realized and she will have the opportunity to do a two-week internship with the Marzotto Group. "For my project, I decided to focus on multi-sensoriality: from the choice of the fabric to the technology applied to the garment, able to relax and therefore optimize, mind, and body. In general, taking part in this competition has allowed me to grow personally, to expand my knowledge and to put into practice all the notions I learned at school," says Giorgia Cattunar.

"We were positively surprised by the papers received as the students have shown, despite the complex period, that they have perfectly taken up the challenge launched by The Woolmark Company. We were able to see some very interesting works that highlighted the natural characteristics of fiber like wool, which is high performing and functional," stated Giorgio Todesco, CEO of Marzotto Wool manufacturing.

More than 4500 students from more than 58 institutions in 9 different regions entered the competition, demonstrating their desire to test themselves and promote their ideas for innovation.

Image: The Woolmark Company





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