Spanish manufacturer of Purificación García and Carolina Herrera switches to medical gowns

New York - Sociedad Textil Lonia (STL) has made itself available to the Government of Spain, offering its factories, staffl and materials to manufacture gowns for health personnel who combat the advance of the coronavirus on the front line.

Sociedad Textil Lonia has explained that the lack of some basic provisions in health centres has led them to become involved in this initiative. According to company sources quoted by local press, STL has made its offer a few days ago through the Ministry of Health.

Sociedad Textil Lonia will focus on the manufacture of surgical gowns

In case the Government accepts their offer, the textile company will make the necessary modifications in its production process to meet new orders.

The same sources have explained that the pre-manufacturing process involves knowing patterns, materials and technical specifications specific to the health field so that it meets the quality standards required by this type of product.

They also point out that they need to analyse what sanitary garments could be produced in the STL factory, know the raw materials for clothing and, from there, reconcile the usual textile production with the exceptional one derived from the coronavirus crisis. The company anticipates that they will most likely focus on manufacturing operating room gowns.

Image courtesy of Sociedad Textil Lonia





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