Alibaba, China’s e-commerce giant has taken on the leading position at the retailers race to leverage advances technology including artificial intelligence.

Alibaba’s new "FashionAI" concept store on Wednesday, which makes extensive use of artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify the apparel shopping experience for customers, ‘Business Insider’ reports.

The FashionAI store uses Intelligent garment tags, Smart mirrors, and omnichannel integration to streamline fashion retail for customers.

These key features allows each garment lock to carry specialised information about the item it's attached to, such as its colour and size, as well as provide touch screens that use information relayed by the intelligent locks on each product to automatically display information for the items customers are interacting with. The combination of these features can make the shopping process extremely convenient for customers, as they can build entire looks, avoid carrying their own items to fitting rooms, and request more clothes with attributes they like.

This new concept store is Alibaba’s last project to rapidly adapt to consumer fashion trends and further drive traffic by always offering the hottest styles, allowing consumers to quickly personalise and buy them.





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