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Scotch & Soda is an Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand with an international view on the world. Over the past years, the brand has expanded globally, from a head office in Amsterdam to offices and showrooms across the world. Collections are sold through a fully integrated omni-channel distribution model, consisting of retail, e-commerce, wholesale and franchise channels.

We love creative mindsets. With the right dedication, we will become a playground for your thoughts. A dynamic and innovative place to create impact, on a professional and on a personal level.

We see Scotch & Soda as a place where talent comes together - to build their career, grow as individuals and create impact together. Our inspiring and motivating working atmosphere mirrors our liberal outlook on life. We embrace people who have that same spark within them and provide the tools to keep that light shining bright.

We put people at the heart of everything we do and are on a mission to create a collaborative company culture that allows our employees to impact our customers, both online and offline. Our goal is to exceed expectations consistently. We believe that true growth happens when we embrace vulnerability and work as one team, nurturing a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that allows us to achieve new heights.