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THE DEMATERIALISED Digital Fashion marketspace launched as invite-only

By FashionUnited


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On 12.12.20, Karinna Nobbs and Marjorie Hernandez the co-founders of THE DEMATERIALISED launched a groundbreaking new online platform to a tight knit community of highly innovative fashionistas, gamers and crypto heads. THE DEMATERIALISED is a Web3 digital fashion marketplace where consumers and creators can buy, sell and experience authenticated virtual goods.

Marjorie is a Berlin based pioneer in the Blockchain sector and Founder of LUKSO whilst Karinna is an Ibiza based educator and evangelist of the digital fashion movement. The pair met at a Fashion Circularity Conference in Paris in September 2019 and incorporated THE DEMATERIALISED in London in March 2020. Together, their vision is to nurture and converge the emergent digital fashion ecosystem into one central destination enabling new forms of access, value and utility.

“We believe that digital fashion offers a wealth of new creative and commercial opportunities which are as yet, untapped. The barriers for creators and consumers to participate in this exciting cultural movement are incredibly low, and we want to be the drivers of revolutionary growth and change in an industry sector ripe for innovation”.

Digital Fashion is a relatively new term used to describe garments and accessories which are computer generated and therefore are virtual only. Market signals indicate that this industry is in rapid growth mode as related sectors such as the in-game virtual asset market were estimated at $50-75billion in 2020 and the trading volume of digital collectibles in September 2020 was $14million.

What sets THE DEMATERIALISED apart is that their virtual items are released as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which are generated, authenticated on the LUKSO blockchain. This means that each virtual good which is bought or sold on the platform has a unique identifier enabling a fully transparent product journey to be visible for all invited users. On entering a magic code, invited users are dropped into a 3D Space where they can interact with the digital garments for sale in a new and visceral manner. When they click through to get more information on the product they can see the designers face and learn about their creative process. Not only that, but users can bring the garment into their own environment using Augmented Reality (AR) to zoom in to the detail and look inside at the craft behind the design. The first iconic piece launched by THE DEMATERIALISED is a futuristic gender fluid metallic sweatshirt named HEXJERZO. Thus called because of the Hexagonal pattern which is a nod to the blockchain. This piece was designed by Berlin based designer Schirin Negahbani. Only 1212 pieces were released and the price of the asset is €121.21.

THE DEMATERIALISED are very proud to announce that they accept both FIAT and Crypto currencies. This is an important enabler to making digital fashion assets (NFTs) accessible to the non-crypto audience. After payment is processed, the invited user is directed to an exclusive area where they can experience their digital asset in four ways: WEAR (get digitally dressed ready for social media), PORT (direct to avatar in a game), TRADE (peer to peer marketplace) and DISPLAY (showcase the assets your have collected). Each of these post purchase pathway offer new-to-the-world ways to be able to use digital garments. The platform will be in invite-only mode until June 2021.

Image: The Dematerialised

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