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Colombia’s Sustainable Sourcing and Design Are Setting-Trends at MAGIC 2022

By Cynthia Ijelman


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Photo: ProColombia

From February 13 to 16, ten Colombian companies will have the opportunity to show proposals for casual clothing and accessories, to the most influential fashion retail decision makers in the world. The Colombian fashion industry has gained worldwide recognition for its the exports of high value- added products for over a century. The evolution of the sector, which has been characterized by its constant dynamism, has been catching the attention of American buyers through the years and nowadays is a longstanding partnership.

Participating at MAGIC for more than ten years has been pivotal to position Colombia as a reliable fashion supplier. The country stands out in the Latin American region, for its commitment to sustainable fashion and innovation, two reasons why the country is in the top of mind of the American buyers. Amongst Colombia’s main selling products, found across the United States, are girdles and control clothes, fabrics, jeans, accessories, jewelry, women underwear, and women´s swimwear.

“Our country offers unique designs at the forefront of global trends, incorporating contemporary designs with innovative techniques and ethnically inspired garments. We are also well-known for our delivery times, our flexibility in production volumes, and our sustainable textiles and fabrics” says Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia, the government agency in charge of promoting Colombian exports internationally.

“We are proud to be showcasing our industry’s strengths during MAGIC, the most comprehensive fashion marketplace in the U.S. We will continue to support Colombian fashion companies’ creativity and their commitment to reshaping the industry’s needs worldwide”, Santoro adds. The 10 companies participating this year in MAGIC, both in the Sourcing and Emerging Brands Pavilion are the perfect example of Colombian high value-added fabrics and garments.

Photo: ProColombia

Colombian companies you’ll find at the Sourcing Pavilion: The sportswear and athleisure, CREYTEX , expert in knitting, keenly recognizes the importance of the responsible use of resources, as well as the correct disposal of waste. With more than 20 years of experience exporting to the United States, it brings its experience to the global audience. Booth: 60723 CINCOR , aims to effectively meet the customer’s need for quality leather, costs and delivery times as well as achieving sustainability in the social, economic and environmental axes. Booth: 60722 ALIADA , high compression garments with healing properties, perfect for using after surgery or on daily basis. Booth: 60726. EKA comes to MAGIC with its vegan leather belts using high technology equipment that allows them to have the highest standards of efficiency in their production plant. Booth: 60725.

Colombian companies you’ll find at the Emerging Brands Pavilion: MOVU SPORTSWEAR comes to MAGIC with simplicity in its design, technical performance, and a commitment to sustainability. The company believes in sustainable fashion as part of the path towards a more conscious life. They are committed to manufacture garments with the least possible impact on the environment and have established a supply chain focused on ecological responsibility. Booth: 53304 LILIANA MEZA takes pride in contributing with the development of her hometown Barranquilla; its unique pieces are made 100 per cent in the city, working with local manufacturers and women heads of families. Booth: 51603. BAMBOLEIRA , is a jewelry brand that works with indigenous and artisan communities. It was the first brand that ventured into the use of werregue palm fiber to make jewelry. Its pieces tell the essence of Latin America through this artisanal technique that has been part of the traditions of the Wounaan community of the department of Chocó in the Colombian Pacific for years. Booth: 52405. BOCANEGRA was born from the designer’s own need to create with her hands to represent her symbolized character in an ornament. It is a zero waste Colombian brand of jewelry items. Booth: 52104. BLESS , arrives at MAGIC with its specialty in the development of Jeanswear garments that enhance the silhouette. The company’s added value is the production system based on the Lean Manufacturing Philosophy that, due to its flexibility, adapts to the Fast Fashion strategy. This philosophy is based on the principle of eliminating residues or waste, such as time, movements, machinery, inventory or any factor that intervenes in the production chain. ORG BLESS prides itself in their sustainable, productive and innovative business model, which, according to the company “is aimed at generating a cultural and productive transformation in our region, managing to generate + 700 direct jobs, supporting mothers’ head of household and migrants being generators of value through fashion”. Magic Woman Booth: 53240. WHITMAN , brings its inspiration taken from art, music, travel and gastronomy. The brand collaborated in their journal with several cultural actors, such as Afro Up - for the diffusion of AfroColombian History, Frente Cumbiero, which explores and revise music from Colombia and the Caribbean to create a new instrumental discourse and Mirrøn Studio” a brand that makes 100 per cent handcrafted jars to sell through their website. Project Mens Booth: 82011.

Five Facts about the Colombian Fashion Industry and the United States

  1. Colombia is the number one supplier of girdles to the United States, of bathing suits, jeans and underwear. It is the second Latin American supplier of sportswear to the United States and the third Latin American supplier of home clothing to the United States.

  2. Colombian companies offer flexible production tailored to customer requirements, offering brand alternatives and full package services, adjusting quantities to required needs and providing a rapid response to replenish orders. Also, the country has traditional and experienced textile companies with production capacity and constant development, which offer an ideal platform for the manufacturing process and a vertically integrated industry.

  3. In 2021, the Colombian fashion exports grew in all subsectors. Footwear: 6,220,498 dollars with a 40 per cent growth; Leather and leather goods sells for 52,401,612 dollars, with a 33 per cent growth; Jewelry and imitation jewelry: 2,215,043 dollars, with a 22 per cent growth and Textiles and ready-to-wear clothes with sells of 273,915,471 dollars, representing a 40 per cent increase.

  4. According to the Environmental Performance Index Colombia ranks first in Latin America in applying ethical practices and sustainable development. Second in Social Responsibility, and Second Latin America country in the Environmental Performance Index.

  5. Colombia has a strategic location, and it is less than 6 hours away by airplane from the main capitals in the Americas.

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