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Does the fashion industry still need trend forecasters?

For years trend forecasters held an unrivaled position in the fashion industry. Brands from the luxury heritage labels to global mass market giants looked to them for direction on the road ahead. Trend consultancy agencies such as Peclers Paris or Trend Union produced lavish tomes of seasonal inspiration, each page containing beautiful...


Chic Shanghai: 3 Youth trends prevailing in the Chinese fashion industry

From Shanghai Fashion Week to Chic Shanghai, the Chinese fashion industry is getting back into the swing of things just weeks after it opened its borders again for foreign visitors. The city itself is currently leading the way as well, championing local design and leaving a strong influence on the rest of the country’s fashion scene. Both events...


Stuffed animals, three stripes and live performances: Highlights and trends from Seoul Fashion Week

The designers at Seoul Fashion Week create very bold designs and experiment with different silhouettes, asymmetry and patterns. Although black plays an important role in many of the collections, colours and bright creations can also be seen. On the other hand, there are dark looks like Iryuk's, which are reminiscent of the gothic scene, and...


Short circuit fashion: Portugal Fashion is on the right track

From 14 to 18 March 2023, Portugal Fashion in Porto organised its 52nd fashion week. Its mission? To bring together a successful local industry and local and international designers onto one podium, in a convergent short circuit dynamic. "The challenge of Portugal Fashion is to promote our national brands, especially the young ones, and to...

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