Major brands fight for higher wages in Cambodia

Ongoing instability in Cambodia has seen major retailers voice concern at manufacturing in a country with little respect for its workers. This week Levi Strauss confirmed it would scale back orders on its denim production following riots earlier this year. The year has been an ongoing struggle for

Cambodia factory workers to raise their minimum wage to 160 dollars per month.

Cambodia manufacturing industry worth 5 billion

The Cambodia fashion manufacturing industry is estimated at 5 billion dollars with factories producing orders from leading high high street brands including H&M, Gap and Puma.

A Major brands fight for higher wages in Cambodia representative for IndustriALL Global Union told WWD one of its clients had reduced their sourcing by 50 percent due to these issues, though the brand was not named.

Unions and brands have communicated their desire for a positive future for the Cambodian garment sector, which employs around 500,000 people. However, they warned that continued sourcing from the country would depend on stability, transparency, predictability and the rule of law.

IndustriALL Global Union represents 50 million workers in 140 countries in the mining, energy and manufacturing sectors and is a force in global solidarity taking up the fight for better working conditions and trade union rights around the world.

IndustriALL challenges the power of multinational companies and negotiates with them on a global level. IndustriALL fights for another model of globalization and a new economic and social model that puts people first, based on democracy and social justice.

Image: Union leaders fight for higher wage




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