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Masterclass: Brigitte Patty Business Unit Manager Shoes and Licensing at CÉLINE

By FashionUnited

Sep 12, 2013

During the Masterclass ‘How I Got The Job In Fashion’ several succesful fashion professionals shared their career insights. In the following weeks we will highlight a speaker of the event and summarize their best tips and tricks to become successful in what you want to do. 
Brigitte Patty, Business Unit Manager Shoes and Licensing at CÉLINE shared her important do’s and don’t to start off your career. 
The do’s? Have a strong attitude and a passion for fashion. Make sure that you have a goal (‘I would like to do something in fashion’ is too vague) and go for that goal. Also useful, write down your starting posion and your dream job next to each other in a scheme. Which qualities do you already posess and which steps can you make with those qualities into the direction that will bring you closer to your dream? Most likely your first job will not be your dream job but “every experience is an experience” also if it is a bad one and, will teach you what does not fit you.  
Always dreamed of working in Paris or Milan? Speaking French and Italian is crucial! You don’t need a degree in those languages (Brigitte learned by an Italian boyfriend) but make sure you can manage yourself and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, trying will already put you in a good light. Languages can make the difference in getting the job, it’s as easy as that. 
Last but not least this self made fashion professional also gave the audience a good reality check. “Working for a luxury brand like CÉLINE is a great job but know what you choose for. It is a though job and not glamorous most of the time. “A premanently empty fridge, no time for a social life and many lonely, late nights at the office: thats fashion too.

This masterclass was organised by Marie Claire Netherlands in collaboration with Amsterdam Fashion Week and FashionUnited
Fotografie: ROSSI&BLAKE