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By FashionUnited

Oct 4, 2012

Prepartion of the assignment

Read all the information below very carefully
Make sure you fulfill all criteria of the assignment
Fill in the application form at the bottom of the page and add your application documents documents


Participants must be currently enrolled in a BA / MA / Advanced degree/ Fashion Course 
    (all is excepted, starting from a Bachelor's level)
Contest will be held among 2nd, 3rd, 4th year students
Students can apply for 1 award
Note: This competition is aimed at fashion students. Fashion designers or marketeers who have graduated or are not currently enrolled in a fashion course can not participate.

Jury & Prizes

For each category one internship is provided by a top notch fashion company including:
◦ A placement for a minimum of 5 months
◦ Paid internship (minimum of €250 p/month)
◦ Start Internship first quarter of 2013
International publicity
Winners of the award will have their work presented online on 13 FashionUnited platforms.

By enrolling in the IAF International Student Awards, you guarantee the authorship of your entry. If in any case you will be found guilty of plagiarism, you will be disqualified of this contest. The IAF and FashionUnited  will not be responsible for accusations of plagiarism from third parties.

Acceptance & Regulations 
Signing the application form warrants the applicant’s complete comprehension, respect and acceptance of all rules, regulations and deadlines.
When rules and regulations are not being respected, the IAF reserved the right to disqualify participants from this competition.


Application time                                          08/10/2012  - 05/11/2012                                                                         
All entries must be in 05/11/2012
Pre-selection 012/11/2012
Final winners will be announced 17/11/2012