Why London is the best place for fashion graduates to find their dream job

With its top leading universities in fashion and design, London should be definitely topping anyone's list of cities to land their dream job in fashion. Most likely to scoop the global fashion capital title this year, which is ranked by the Global Language Monitor each year, London was already named the most influential

 city in the world by Forbes magazine in 2014. But what makes the capital of the UK so influential in the global fashion kingdom?

Why London is the best place for fashion graduates to find their dream jobAccording to the Oxford Economics, the direct value of the UK fashion industry to the local economy is 26 billion pounds - the same as the food/beverages services and telecommunications industries. The British Fashion Council estimates the UK fashion industry supports 797,000 jobs, making the industry the largest employers of all the UK's creative industries. In order to ensure the UK is inspiring and equipping the next generation with the skills needed, members of the Creative Industries Council (CIC) are developing long-term strategies, which are supported by the government, to attract the world's' most sought after talents.

In addition, the QS World University Rankings positioned London twice in the top 10 of the world’s best universities in the categories art, design, fashion and textile. Willie Walters, a programme director for Fashion at Central Saint Martins says: "At a fashion related University in London students will be studying with some of the brightest people in the world. So they will have that amazing interchange of ideas." In fact, a large number of established designers have passed through London’s fashion universities such as Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and John Galliano, who influenced London’s showcase among the global fashion spotlight.

Why London is the best place for fashion graduates to find their dream jobIndividual who are working in the fashion industries have a great variety of choice when it comes to selecting the job of their dream, particularly in design, art, digital advertising and public relations fields. The creative media workforce survey in 2014 conducted by ‘Creative Skillset’ provides real insight from people currently working in the industry. The report summarises 79 percent of the respondents are educated to graduate degree level. Moreover 27 percent of the workforces hold a postgraduate qualification. Certainly academic education remains a very important route into this extravagant industry. However, success comes with a price tag: 48 percent of the respondents have done unpaid work at some point of their career, while another 56 percent found jobs through informal recruitments methods.

Why London is the best place for fashion graduates to find their dream jobThose eager to work in the fashion industry, are certainly not alone. Travelling, meeting inspiring people and being in daily contact with highly professional fashion designers is just a small part of the exciting jobs being offered by London’s fashion industry. London surely offers great opportunities for graduates looking to develop a career in fashion. Although unpaid internships are common practice, networking is becoming even more important. Informal recruitment methods still remain in practice, however this shouldn’t worry those in search of a new career, and should be seen as a stepping stone towards a successful career in London in the most dynamic and thrilling industry in the world.

By Anita Gazic





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