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Gant decorates Kennedy green house


Gant decorates Kennedy green house


Jul 13, 2010

This season, lifestyle label Gant has been asked to decorate the Kennedy Green House outside New York. Mary Kennedy asked Annette Lundh, Head Designer at Gant Home, for help with decorating the house. The main goal of the collaboration has been to heighten the character and personality of the house.

Mary Kennedy is committed to the environment, and has used her home in Mount Kisco to demonstrate what future living might look like. Gant and Kennedy teamed up as they share the same interest in sustainable, modern living and they both have their roots and hearts in the relaxed lifestyle of the American East Coast. The new textiles have been chosen to reinforce the general ambiance of the house of stylish throws, cushions, towels and bed linen in soft tones with white accents give all the rooms an elegant, calm feel.