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Display Advertising

Elevate your brand presence and reach your desired audience through FashionUnited’s diverse range of banner options strategically placed on the FashionUnited home, article pages, and more.

Tailored banner solutions

FashionUnited offers customizable banner advertising on its websites, designed to boost visibility for articles, job postings, or external sites. Advertisers can tailor their campaigns to specific goals and enhance reach by targeting banners to audiences in selected countries, ensuring ads resonate with the right demographic for maximum engagement.

Flexible booking options

  • Book banner placements to achieve your short-term goals. At FashionUnited, we understand the dynamic nature of advertising needs.
  • Flexibility: Banner placements spanning a week or for extended campaigns, covering a month or even a year, ensures that your advertising strategy aligns seamlessly with your marketing objectives.

Newsletter Integration

Integrating your company's advertising into FashionUnited's newsletters through banner inclusions offers an exceptional opportunity to extend your reach. By booking banner slots on a per-country basis within these newsletters, you tap into an additional channel to connect with an engaged, fashion-forward audience. This strategy not only diversifies your advertising efforts but also ensures your message is placed directly in front of subscribers who are actively interested in the fashion industry, maximizing impact and enhancing the visibility of your brand.

Why FashionUnited Display Advertisement?


Maximize your brand's visibility with strategically placed banners on FashionUnited’s high-traffic home and article pages.

Targeted Reach

Tailor your campaign to specific countries, ensuring your message reaches the right audience in their native language.


Link banners to articles, jobs, or external websites, offering versatility in achieving your advertising objectives.

Newsletter Amplification

Increase your company’s exposure by including banners in FashionUnited’s newsletters, reaching a wider and dedicated audience.

Elevate your brand's presence in the fashion industry with FashionUnited's Display Advertisement solutions. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor a campaign that aligns with your unique objectives and ensures maximum impact in the vibrant world of fashion advertising.