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C&A Institute Brazil launches My Career in Fashion

By Marta De Divitiis


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Image: Shawn Fields/Unsplash

On August 24, C&A Institute, the social pillar of the retailer C&A in Brazil, will launch the My Career in Fashion platform in a free online event at 5pm with the aim to stimulate opportunities for young black and indigenous people.

Through a partnership between companies and educational institutions, the program aims to connect interested parties from 16 to 29 years old who want to develop a career in fashion. The project creates different opportunities for participants including professional experience courses, as well as allowing students to register for a fashion retail talent bank.

"We know how difficult it is to start and build a solid career in fashion. That is why we want this platform to act as a facilitator for new talents, essential for an effective transformation in the fashion segment," said the executive director of the Instituto C&A, Gustavo Narciso in a release.

Applications for the programme are divided into three categories: My Future in Fashion, which involves the exchange of experiences with people already working in the sector, the category My Sustainable Product, in partnership with Santa Marcelina College, which will offer free courses, with certification, taught by professors from the institution. Altogether the different categories of the programme will address every stage of the fashion retail process, from product development and collection to planning.

In My First Run in Fashion, a professional experience course, seven fashion students who have never worked in the segment will be awarded a grant of 1,300 reais (about 242 euros) and a meal allowance funded by the Instituto C&A, for three months, which they can utilise to connect with seven brands. A free course will be offered with a workload of 30 hours per week, part of which will be dedicated to the intellectual development of the young fashion enthusiasts.

The platform will also contain free information to prepare for the job market, from basic tips to more specific content, such as testimonials from professionals in the segment.

There will also be a section specifically dedicated to the career theme, which will bring together all the possibilities within the fashion world, the requirements needed to enter each segment and where applicants can find explanatory videos about the activities.

Those who want to take part in the event must register on the minhacarreiranamoda ('my career in fashion') website.

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.BR and has been translated and edited into English by Veerle Versteeg.

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