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Dutch education inspectorate: fashion schools must do more to ensure social safety

By Emilie van Kinschot


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Art and fashion colleges in higher education in the Netherlands need to work harder on creating social safety, the country's education inspectorate announced in a report released Monday June 5.

The investigation revealed that college boards in the country have taken measures, but a structural approach is still lacking. "Adjustment of policy in response to evaluation hardly happens yet," the report said.

Art and fashion colleges have some risks compared to other colleges, according to the report. Teachers often come from the professional field and therefore lack didactic skills, such as for giving feedback. "Several respondent groups say there is a lack of money and time or priority to develop skills in this area," the report states.

The report also warns of powerful artistic leaders who perform duties within courses. Teachers see that these individuals lack teaching knowledge and management skills, but still wander around the program. This is problematic, according to the report, because they have a position of power within the field.

The inspection conducted its investigation in response to signs in 2021. That spring, art and fashion courses at several colleges showed that the learning environment was unsafe.

For example, the report on fashion school AMFI revealed a number of bad practices. Some teachers at the institution were said to intimidate students and their communication was sometimes aimed at tearing down students' self-esteem. Competition among students was also said to be fueled.

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.NL. Translation and editing from Dutch into English by Veerle Versteeg.