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Fashion Schools: Where to Explore E-commerce

By Andrea Byrne

Nov 18, 2021


For the last number of years, the fashion industry has been continuously changing to adapt to the rapidly changing world. One of the biggest evolutions in the fashion industry has been the impact of digital technology. This new digital wave has turned fashion into a new experience for consumers, so much so, that brands have had to readjust their business models into a digital format, as well as physical. With this in mind, some fashion schools are offering business courses focusing on e-commerce and digital marketing.

View some of the following courses below:

Amsterdam Fashion Academy

The Amsterdam Fashion Academy is a boutique fashion school that focuses on entrepreneurship, research, digital transformation and individuality.

Bachelor of Fashion Business

This three-year bachelor will provide students with the following skills: fashion marketing and branding, global marketing which will focus on digital, fashion and online marketing and more. Additionally, students will have hands-on experience through live industry projects.

Antwerp Management School (AMS)

AMS is one of the top-ranked business schools in Belgium, it offers postgraduate academic programs for young graduates and executive education for individual professionals and organisations.

Master of International Fashion Management

This one-year master covers a wide range of topics from marketing and branding to the ecosystem of the fashion industry, as well, it hosts a number of electives about the impact of new technologies, including the following: digital transformation and organising the digital future.

Istituto Marangoni

Istituto Marangoni is an Italian school in the heart of Paris that focuses on blending business with creativity, digital transformation, individuality and creating an international atmosphere.

Master of Fashion Omnichannel & E-Commerce

The main objective of this master is to train students with the necessary skills to face the challenges that companies will have to face in the near future in global markets.

Master of Fashion E-Business and Digital Transformation

This master was created in partnership with the Yoox Net-A-Porter Group and it was created for students who wish to learn the skills to work in the context of digital transformation that companies are experiencing.

Undergraduate progression: Fashion Business

This course offers participants with a strategic and market-oriented mix of the main perspectives in fashion business such as business models, finance, operation strategies, marketing and pricing. Additionally, learning how to develop a business plan to meet the demands of the future of the digital fashion industry.

Undergraduate progression: Fashion Business & Digital Marketing Intensive

This course is ideally suited for students who wish to learn the technical and theoretical concepts related to digital marketing for fashion.

Milano Fashion Institute

Italian fashion school Milano Fashion Institute provides students with the specialist interdisciplinary skills they need to manage effectively all the fashion processes.

Master in Fashion Direction: Brand and Business Management

This one-year master is ideal for students who wish to understand the processes of fashion product development and marketing, as well as, touching upon digital fashion such as learning about web channels of communication.

University of the Arts London (UAL)

Fashion school UAL focuses on arts, design, fashion and the performing arts.

BA of Fashion Marketing

This three-year bachelor, or four-year bachelor with placement, provides a theoretical and practical base to learn about marketing communications including social and digital fashion marketing and business strategy development.

Photo credit: Unsplash