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Introducing FAD Connection by Federica Levrero

By Press Club


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Photo: FAD Connection - Central Saint Martins King´s Cross building

FAD Connection, founded by Uruguayan-born entrepreneur Federica Levrero, is the global educational coaching and mentoring platform for fashion, art, and design. FAD Connection was created with the purpose of helping students find their dream career and achieve success through conscious and creative decision-making with a global and sustainability-focuses mindset. Consisting of a dedicated team of educational coaches and mentors, specializing in fashion, art & design. Its team of specialized educational coaches and mentors offers tailor-made guidance in the selection of the most suitable academy and country for cultural exchange and educational success.

According to The World Economic Forum, creativity is essential for success, innovation, and solving global challenges, making it the skill of the future. For FAD Connection, art and design careers provide a unique perspective that enables professionals to design fulfilling lifestyles positively impacting their community.

“Time is a precious resource. By offering young adults mentorship, showing them the wide spectrum of possibilities that the creative industries offer, and turning the procedure of career selection into a tailor-made experience, we save them valuable time. Humanity needs more out-of-the-box thinkers, and it requires them now. It also demands more people following their bliss, because working with a purpose is life-changing, and thus, world-changing. We encourage a sustainable lifestyle that can be carried out over the years. One in which work and life can co-exist in natural balance,” affirms Federica.

Spread across the Southern Cone and continuously expanding globally, FAD Connection collaborates with prestigious colleges such as University of the Arts, Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion, Istituto Marangoni, New York Film Academy, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, among others. The platform guides students in brainstorming aspirations, sketching their study path, and settling in their new homes abroad. Additionally, FAD Connection connects students with freshmen nearby and organizes physical activations to feature their work. The platform encourages a sustainable lifestyle that balances work and life, saving valuable time and inspiring out-of-the-box thinking. For more information please visit: fadconnection.com

About Federica Levrero, Founder FAD Connection:

Federica Leverero is a multicultural entrepreneur and the founder of FAD Connection, a platform that promotes artistic education through cultural exchange. Born and raised in Uruguay, Federica was exposed to diverse cultures and languages from a young age, as her family owns a travel agency where Spanish, French, and German were spoken simultaneously.

Federica's passion for travel and education led her to embark on a multi-stop journey to find her dream career. Through this journey, she discovered her mission to guide teenagers in selecting the right academy and destination to follow their vocation. She believes that artistic education and cultural exchange are vital for personal and philosophical expansion, and that the world needs more creativity. Today, Federica leverages her multicultural background and passion for education to support others in their vocational and professional exploration. She is dedicated to helping individuals reach their goals inan easier and faster way, and to promoting cultural exchange and artistic education through FAD Connection.

About FAD Connection

Founded by coach and advisor Federica Levrero in 2020, FAD Connection is an Uruguayan-based education coaching and mentoring platform specialized in fashion, art, and design. With the mission to promote creative education through cultural exchange, the organization guides the new generations in the often-complex journey of selecting the right academy and destination to follow their vocation. In ongoing internationalization, and currently present in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay FAD Connection is the representative of the world's most prestigious colleges in the art fields, such as the University of the Arts, Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion, Istituto Marangoni, and New York Film Academy, to list a few. Shaped by a team of entrepreneurs, coaches, and mentors, the platform guides students in brainstorming their aspirations, sketching their study path, and designing key presentation pieces. It also helps them settle in their new foreign home, connects them with other scholars nearby, and organizes physical activations to feature their work. Federica understands that the future needs more creative thinkers, and that's what she promotes by pursuing her mission.

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