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JCA launches short course with business strategist Idalia Salsamendi

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: JCA I London Fashion Academy; Hanover Square

Fashion school, the JCA | London Fashion Academy, founded by Jimmy Choo, is launching a short course aimed at emerging brands and aspiring entrepreneurs with business strategist Idalia Salsamendi.

The short course, part of the JCA’s capsule learning programme, will be held at the Mayfair London campus in July 2023 and aims to tap into the ever-evolving branding and influencer landscape.

Salsamendi, who has helped launch the careers of mega-influencers like Chriselle Lim and Brittany Xavier, as well as strategies for luxury brands, including Chopard and Valentino, will teach attendees how to successfully use vital tools and social media to forward their career and brand, as well as how to successfully present themselves / their brand to seal fruitful partnerships with target clients.

Stephen Smith, co-founder and chief executive of the JCA, said in a statement: We are delighted to join forces with Idalia Salsamendi, who will make available her knowledge gained during over 20+ years’ experience of talent management and PR.

“All of the programmes at the Academy are designed to ensure that learners are provided with a thorough education on how to run a successful brand and, nowadays, navigating the social media landscape is crucial to the overall success.”

Idalia Salsamendi
JCA | London Fashion Academy
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