MoMu launches interactive lessons for sustainable fashion

Young people are already taking an increasingly conscientious approach to fashion, judging by the popularity of Instagram stars such as 'diet_prada' and 'future__dust' who are holding up a moral mirror to the fashion industry. Gen Z is worried about the condition of our planet looking at the climate marches and school strikes that are being held from Brussels to Sydney.

MoMu, the Fashion Museum of Antwerp continues to inspire even in the classroom. Thanks to the interactive lesson package called ‘Clean Clothing: a Deep Dive into Sustainable Fashion’, which is available in three languages on MoMu's website, teachers and students in secondary schools can now analyse their behaviour with respect to clothing in a comprehensible way and brainstorm ways of doing things better. In addition, MoMu provides the tools they need to launch positive campaigns for a more sustainable fashion chain. MoMu aims to encourage young people to think more creatively and innovatively through brainstorming exercises, hands-on assignments and analysis of their purchasing behaviour. The lesson package establishes links to pieces from the permanent MoMu collection and archive images from the MoMu Library, including several revolutionary upcycling designs by Martin Margiela.

Teachers can rely on expert input by requesting an in-class workshop led by a MoMu guide. “We aim to encourage young people to carefully consider their purchases. We assume that many of them already take a conscientious approach to clothing or are looking for creative ways of doing even better. We want to give them extra tools to take or continue to take positive action and motivate them to reflect on purchasing habits and their consequences”, explains MoMu Director Kaat Debo.

Photo: courtesy of MoMu Antwerp, credited to Stany Dederen





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