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Trends, consumers and marketing: What is the power of colour in fashion?

By FashionUnited


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Mannequins displayed in colourful outfits on top of coloured boxes at fashion fair. Image illustrating the use of colour in visual merchandising. Credits: Beaumont stand at Modefabriek, July 2022.

The background article The role of colour in fashion explains how colour plays a pivotal role in fashion. What is the exact role of these primary, secondary and tertiary colours in the fashion world and what is the power of colour contrasts?

How is colour used in fashion?

Fashion designers use colour in various ways, from being a source of inspiration for their collections to making a statement or connecting with consumers. Colour choices can affect how people see each other and themselves, and can even influence a person’s mood and self-confidence.

Trend watchers and colour institutes predict colour trends, which can influence fashion and vice versa. How do marketing and retail use colour to their advantage? This article provides an answer to all of the questions related to fashion and colour that may arise and also contains a handy terminology list on fashion and colour.

This article text has been partially generated with an AI tool, and then edited by Veerle Versteeg.

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