Trend Event transforms to Trend Expo

After 5 years, TMO Fashion Business School is heading in a new direction: from Trend Event to Trend Expo; a big event will be organized by students about future consumer trends. This grand seminar will take place on October 10th 2018 at TMO Doorn.

Jet Noever, Project Leader Trend Expo: ‘’The Trend Expo is a test for semester 4 students. They are busy with trend forecasting by researching the changes in society, where new subconscious consumer needs will be filtered and professionally shown by audio-visual aids as well as an interactive part involving the visitor, the fashion industry. Also, students will show visitors how this future information is commercially adaptable for the trade and industry. Practical solutions have been devised for different kinds of companies so the visitor will feel informed and inspired by the day.’’

What to expect?

Thorough research has been conducted by the students into the theme ‘The self-centered society’. This explains what kind of society people live in. People are only concerned about themselves, even if that means sacrificing other human beings and the earth. This will lead to new movements. At the Expo visitors will find information about future consumer needs and trends and how adjusting these needs and trends could create value.

‘God has given you one face and you make yourself another’-William Shakespeare The Trend Expo will be held on October 10th 2018. It will be divided into 3 seminars which will take place from 13:30 until 21:30 hrs. Once visitors have completed their FREE registration, they will receive a free entrance ticket. Please keep in mind that there are a limited number of tickets AVAILABLE. There will be a designated networking room for entrepreneurs, fashion or TMO-related visitors.





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