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Olivia Perrée: A hopeful collection at the Lisaa Mode Paris fashion show

By Florence Julienne

Jun 29, 2022


The Lisaa Mode Paris Fashion Show. Image courtesy of Florence Julienne

The Lisaa Mode Paris fashion school (Higher Institute for Applied Arts) organised a fashion show for its third-year students. One of whom was Olivia Perrée: a young designer who opted for an innovative approach to the fashion of tomorrow.

19 Students created a total of 6 looks each as well as a multitude of themes on the occasion of the Lisaa Mode Paris fashion show, organised in the heart of the Paris Men's Fashion Week June 2022, at Place du Panthéon, the town hall of the fifth arrondissement of the French capital. Among the themes there were urban influences, and students explored themes such as recycling, ethnicity, along with historical references and festive looks. All of Lisaa Mode students were committed to exploring social themes. However, the collection that stood out from the general fashion scene was the one that opened the show: "Apparitions" (“Appearances”), by Perrée.

It was unique for two reasons: Firstly, because with her long, flowing dresses, almost like a second skin, and her taste for extravagant volumes and flounces, the young designer traced the outlines of her aesthetic "line". As the late Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent used to say: fashion is above all a story of construction, of volumes... It is the silhouette that defines an era and translates a style. The rest - the colours, the prints... would serve to complement this clothing line.

In addition to that, Olivia Perrée stood out because she is one of the few of her generation to not express her concern on the climate emergency through the clothes she designs. “I didn't want to deal with a negative or pessimistic subject," Olivia Perrée told FashionUnited after the show at Lisaa Mode Paris. “I wanted to do something joyful and colourful. I want to make a collection full of hope.” She places this hope in "higher entities that would give value to certain things that have become ordinary". In other words, beings from elsewhere (from another planet for instance) who would radically change things and open a new page in the history of humanity... and the world of fashion, of course.

Olivia Perrée by Florence Julienne

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.FR. Translation and editing into English: Veerle Versteeg

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