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Reutlingen welcomes first-semester students on campus

By Sponsor

Oct 8, 2021


The joy of the start of the semester is great in every way. The new first-semester students were welcomed to campus this week with a warm welcome.

On the first day of this new phase in their lives, the new students were personally welcomed by Dean Prof. Dr. Jochen Strähle in a relaxed atmosphere in Hall 1 in a short speech and in compliance with 3G rules. He wished the future textile students a "fiber-tastic" start at the Faculty of Textiles & Design, provided them with important information for a smooth start and looked forward to the future of the Texoversum.

This semester, the mentoring program, traditionally organized by the student council, will once again help students to settle into university life. Senior students are on hand to offer advice and support to first-year students from their respective degree programs, making it easier for them to settle in and get a foothold in their studies.

In the afternoon, information events were held for the individual study programs.

The faculty is looking forward to providing the students with material for a successful future!