SupplyCompass, the design and production platform for fashion brands, has launched a moodboard tool for collating and sharing collection inspiration that will assist fashion brands and designers collaborate during the coronavirus crisis.

The moodboard tool has been created to allow fashion brands to maintain some level of “business as usual,” explained SupplyCompass, and will be free to use during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The idea of the moodboard is to create a centralised place for design teams to build new collections, solving the issue of “disjointed teams and clunky existing design processes.” said SupplyCompass, as well as allowing brands to share ideas with their factory partners and their teams, to help drive efficiencies in the fashion supply chain.

SupplyCompass co-founder, Flora Davidson, said in a statement: “In this unusual time where teams are having to work from home, we realised fashion brands were using all sorts of collaboration tools and video conferencing software for some parts of the business (like Slack and Google Drive) – but not tools specifically designed for the unique needs of fashion brands. It’s hard pulling ideas together for next season when you’re not all in the same place; ideas tend to live in multiple places, including different documents and individual desktops.

“That’s why we decided to create a tool specifically for fashion brands to help them design together, without being together. The SupplyCompass Moodboard Tool provides an easy way to create, save, share and collaborate on ideas and collections, wherever you are. Whilst working from home, design teams can annotate and comment collectively, and no inspiration is lost. As everyone’s input is captured in one place, in the cloud, this new tool provides a single source of truth in the design-to-delivery process – thus driving efficiencies.”

The SupplyCompass moodboard tool will be free to use for the first six months, until mid-October. From then on, it will be available as part of a subscription to the SupplyCompass platform, which enables brands to manage the entire product development, sourcing and production process from design right through to delivery, all in one place.

Davidson, added: “It’s likely we’re on the cusp of huge behavioural change in the industry. This presents an opportunity for real change and transformation of the fashion industry – something which can only happen with the right combination of technology and collaboration.”





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