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Lands' End collaborates with New York-based label Rowing Blazers

By Robyn Turk

Apr 9, 2020


Lands' End has announced its second collection created in partnership with New York-based menswear label Rowing Blazers.

The limited-edition collection features unisex pieces that join Lands' End's timeless American aesthetic with Rowing Blazers' modern take on classic staples. Pieces include popular favorites such as a water-resistant split-color windbreaker, striped rugby shirt.

Both brands share a similar heritage centered around boating, as Lands' End was originally founded as a yachting supply company that manufactured sailing apparel, while Rowing Blazers began as an outfitter to rowing clubs around the world.

"Lands' End was an important part of my youth and did so much during that period to make bright colors part of the everyday visual vernacular of American households across the country," Rowing Blazers' founder Jack Carlson explained in a statement. "That passion for color, fun, and sense of nostalgia, without being stuck in the past, are all elements of the shared DNA between Rowing Blazers and Lands' End."

Image: Lands' End

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