A new podcast series from Trend Agency Move by trend watcher Renske Mennen on the future of fashion. "Future Visions' provides insight into trends and developments, and shows how they're going to affect the future. This concerns, among other things, social changes, technological developments and the influence of sustainability in today's society," says the press release.

In each episode Mennen enters into conversation with an innovator, 'someone who is a leading change in society'.

Guest in the first episode Future Visions #1 is Amber Jae Slooten, co-founder of The Fabricant. Last May, during a blockchain event in New York a digital couture dress by fashion house is sold for no less than 9,500 dollars (converted into 8,395 euros).

Slooten tells, among other things, how she thinks that this innovation (digital fashion, ed.) will determine the future.

The over 30-minute podcast is in English.

Podcast: Podcast Future Visions #1 An interview with Amber Jae Slooten, property Trend Agency Move





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