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John Lewis shortlists six brick-and-mortar innovation firms

By Huw Hughes



John Lewis has shortlisted six entrepreneurial businesses which it believes will change the way we shop in the future for its JLAB retail innovation programme.

The six firms were selected from over 160 candidates - made up of new start-ups and more established businesses - before 11 of them were invited to pitch their ideas to a panel of ten judges at John Lewis & Partners in Southampton. The shortlisted six businesses will continue their discussions with John Lewis about the future of in-store innovation.


The six shortlisted firms are:

SeloyLive, which transforms shop windows into large interactive displays for customers to use.

Oriient, which allows customers to better navigate and explore stores through their smartphone.

Ruuby, which allows customers to book beauty treatments at home, or any other location they choose - office, shop or hotel, for example.

MemoMi, which enables customers to virtually try on fashion and beauty products, allowing customers to access personalised recommendations based on their detailed image profile and preferences.

MakersCAFE, which uses 3D printing and laser cutting to personalise customers’ products and gift purchases.

LettUs Grow, which uses technology that allows plants to grow without soil, with the aims to develop a more sustainable approach to farming.


"Our search was for those entrepreneurs who might dare to think differently about the future of retail. Recent years have seen seismic changes in our sector, with a new benchmark in customer expectation every time they shop,” Peter Cross, customer experience director at John Lewis & Partners, said in a statement.

“Shops simply have no option but to inspire and delight customers - offering both fantastic products and personalised seamless experiences. We believe the dynamic new businesses selected for further discussions with JLAB will help us continue to stretch, shape and deliver together for our customers in the future.”

Photo credit: John Lewis & Partners

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