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Launchmetrics acquires competitor DMR to boost analytical abilities

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Launchmetrics x DMR

Brand performance cloud Launchmetrics has announced the acquisition of its largest competitor DMR, growing its portfolio and boosting its capabilities in data and analytics.

As its fifth acquisition, Launchmetrics has continued to implement its strategy of becoming a leader in brand performance, now providing SaaS solutions to over 1,200 fashion, luxury and beauty brands.

The company provides end-to-end solutions to those it works with, measuring brand performance and providing optimisation tools to aid in decision-making.

In a release, CEO of Launchmetrics, Michael Jais, said: “This is a significant moment for Launchmetrics. We’ve been working hard to create the industry’s most powerful solution to optimise and measure brand performance - thanks to DMR’s added value our momentum is propelled.”

Jais continued: “I am proud to say that we’re an undisputed player in our category but we’re also one step closer to reaching our greater business objectives: hitting over 100 million dollars in annual recurring revenue (ARR) by 2025.”

“I am proud to say that we’re an undisputed player in our category…”

Launchmetrics, with the acquisition, will grow its team to include over 400 employees across 10 international offices.

Clients of DMR will still be able to use the company’s data and services while also gaining access to Launchmetrics’ Brand Performance Cloud solutions, including its social media campaign offerings.

In its release, Launchmetrics said its clients will also see “an added value thanks to augmented coverage results” and will gain “access to strengthened customer-centric services”.

On DMR’s involvement, the president and founder of the firm, Enzo di Sarli, who will stay on as a consultant, said it had deeply cared for its clients over the 20 years of operations.

Sarli continued: “Launchmetrics has been a longstanding competitor of DMR. The conversation has been a natural evolution over the years and my main goal, thanks to this decision, is to ensure my legacy, over the next years both to DMR clients, whose trust was essential, and to DMR worldwide staff who have always been by my side throughout this exciting journey.”