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MSGM welcomes Veronica Bertozzi as new CEO

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: MSGM, Veronica Bertozzi

Italian fashion house MSGM has announced Veronica Bertozzi will be joining the company as the new chief executive officer, effective since summer 2021.

Bertozzi’s appointment follows her fourteen years as EMEA president at Stella McCartney and comes as MSGM looks towards restructuring its internal strategies through the independent development of its commercial division.

“I am proud to have joined the MSGM family and to take on an important professional challenge which I shall face with enthusiasm,” Bertozzi said, in a statement. “MSGM is a brand with enormous potential that has proved to have a distinctive character and a unique DNA. Today more than ever, it is ready to assert itself as a big name in the industry, without losing sight of the youthful and innovative style that distinguishes it, and indeed focusing on those qualities with even greater commitment.

She continued: “The future of fashion belongs to the new generations and MSGM is able to address them in a way that few of its competitors can, covering a very important market share.”

Independent strategy implementation

In 2022, MSGM is set to move to a new headquarters that will house the label’s brand-new international sales showroom, structured by individual categories, as well as a fresh team assembled into market divisions. A reliance will be placed on the shoes and accessories division, which lies at the centre of the brand’s development and strengthening strategy as it looks to the category as it’s core support for growth and positioning.

MSGM has also stated its plan to work with new Italian designers and suppliers, working with them and their expertise on seasonal and hero products while continuing to produce products loyal to its own identity.

“I am delighted that MSGM can rely on the solid experience accumulated by Veronica Bertozzi, an extremely competent manager with deep knowledge of the sector,” said Roberta Benaglia, CEO of asset management company Style Capital, a shareholder of the luxury label. “MSGM is a brand with great growth potential that the new management structure will certainly be able to exploit.”

Future plans

New developments will be evident coming AW22, but for now, the brand is looking towards its upcoming in-person show exhibiting its SS22 collection. Viewers will be able to get a glimpse of the label’s new direction and strategy, with an emphasis on its accessories and shoes.

MGSM has stated it “is expecting its future growth to considerably exceed predicted results for 2021” as the new restructuring begins to take place.