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Pangaia appoints first chief executive officer

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Pangaia, Krishna Nikhil

Material innovation company Pangaia has appointed its first group chief executive officer, Krishna Nikhil, effective April 1, 2022.

Nikhil has been tasked with “shaping the direction and accelerating the growth of the brand”, the company said in a press release. Nikhil will work with the company’s founding members and global teams to support its ongoing initiatives, enter new markets and expand its digital and physical platforms.

Currently, the company’s garment division has grown in retail through, mostly, pop-up stores, developed in collaboration with luxury department stores. Its physical presence relies on educating the public on its innovations and sustainable practices, while the locations themselves aim to offset the entire carbon footprint of retail.

Creating a business model led by science

Nikhil said: “I have watched the rapid growth of Pangaia and am truly inspired by the vision of building an earth positive company. I am thrilled to join the Pangaia collective and the global community that has been built around this inspiring mission. I look forward to working with the team to accelerate the group’s positive impact on the world.”

The brand has seen rapid growth in its two years of operations, introducing a range of colourful apparel and introducing breakthrough material technologies, including its Plnt Fiber and Flwrdwn projects.

Pangaia is continuing on its path of creating a business model led by science, with an emphasis on protecting the planet. Its current strategy, Pangaia Pact, is part of the brand's mission in this area, with a plan based on three main pillars: carbon neutrality, circularity and purpose.

Nikhil’s appointment “signals the start of the company’s next phase of growth and impact”. With him, Nikhil brings his experience in his prior role as chief merchandising officer and chief marketing officer at Ssense, at which he aided in the company’s growth as a luxury fashion platform.