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Pentland Brands wants to be net-zero by 2032

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: courtesy of Pentland Brands

Pentland Brands, which owns sports, outdoor and lifestyle brands including Speedo, Berghaus, and Ellesse, has launched a new “100-1-0” sustainability strategy that includes becoming a net-zero business by 2032.

The 2032 timeline and name of the strategy coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Pentland Brands business. “100-1-0” focuses on three main targets - to help 100 million of its customers live positive, active, sustainable lifestyles, to improve the lives of one million people in its communities, and to be a net-zero business by 2032.

In a statement, Pentland Brands said that its brands, which also include Endura, Canterbury of New Zealand, SeaVees, and Mitre, will create more sustainable products and services, including those which support emotional and physical wellbeing.

Image: courtesy of Pentland Brands

The privately-owned family business also added that it has committed to having 100 percent transparency across its supply chain, to help protect human rights and the environment, and in a world where it states discrimination, prejudice and injustice is dividing societies, the business will be dedicated to being champions for social mobility, diversity and inclusivity.

Pentland Brands announces new “100-1-0” sustainable strategy

In addition, Pentland Brands will give 1 percent of profits to charity every year and, over the next ten years, its brands will donate half a million products to those most in need. By 2032, these actions will help improve the lives of one million people in its communities.

To hit its net-zero target, the sports and fashion group said it will achieve this through science-based carbon emission reductions and off-setting initiatives between 2024 and 2032. Initiatives include planting 50 million trees by 2032 to restore healthy forests, increase biodiversity and reduce extreme poverty.

Image: courtesy of Pentland Brands

Sara Brennan, positive business director at Pentland Brands, said in a statement: “For nearly 100 years we’ve been a pioneer of brands that make life better. But our world has changed, and we need to accelerate our actions.

“We know there’s much more work to be done, but everyone within the Pentland Brands family is passionate about helping to create a world that’s better, fairer and greener. Our teams are already working together on the initiatives that will help us to achieve our ambitious 2032 targets.”

As well as owning Speedo, Berghaus, Canterbury of New Zealand, Endura, Ellesse, SeaVees, and Mitre, Pentland Brands is also the UK licensee for Kickers and has a joint venture partnership for Lacoste footwear. Its products are available in over 190 countries and are sold either directly by Group companies or are represented by licensees and distributors.

Image: courtesy of Pentland Brands
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