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eBay buys authentication tech firm Certilogo in latest pre-loved fashion push

By Huw Hughes


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Image: Ebay

US e-commerce giant eBay announced Wednesday plans to buy Certilogo, a company that specialises in AI-powered apparel and fashion goods digital IDs and authentication.

eBay said the move is part of its wider strategy to bolster its second-hand fashion category.

The deal will provide the company access to Certilogo's platform which uses digital technology to “empower brands and designers to manage the lifecycle of their garments” while also providing consumers “a seamless way to confirm authenticity, access reliable information about branded items, and easily activate circular services”.

Founded in 1995, eBay is one of the earliest, and today biggest, online resale platforms. In recent years, the company has put an increasing focus on the burgeoning market of second-hand fashion and footwear.

This year alone, the retailer has invested in UK-based luxury resale platform Cudoni; relaunched its popular ‘pre-loved’ fashion partnership with ITV reality TV show Love Island; and opened a “first-of-its-kind” sneaker swap shop in London.

Commenting on this latest deal in a statement, eBay vice president Charis Marquez said: “For many years, consumers have turned to eBay as a trusted destination for buying and selling pre-loved apparel and fashion goods, not only because of the unmatched selection, but because of our commitment to utilizing the latest technology to empower our sellers and buyers.

“Certilogo's technology and talented team allows eBay to build on this commitment, establishing eBay as a leader in pre-loved fashion, and offering new ways for consumers to connect and engage with brands.”

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