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Forever 21 confirms the closure of 200 stores worldwide

By Angela Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Oct 31, 2019

New York - American fast-fashion chain Forever 21 has confirmed the closure of nearly 200 of its stores both in the United States and abroad, as part of its commitment to get out of its current bankruptcy.

U.S. news network CNBC published earlier this week a list provided by the fashion firm itself of the nearly 200 stores that could close as part of its bankruptcy proceedings.

Today, Forever 21 has 549 establishments in the United States and 251 locations worldwide. The planned closures represent approximately one-third of the entire Forever 21 commercial network in its home market. The fashion chain plans to close some of its most emblematic stores in cities such as Los Angeles and New York.

One of the first stores to close its doors has been that of Madero in Mexico City, opened more than five years ago and a flagship store in the country. However, at the end of September, when Forever 21 announced its request for bankruptcy protection, it reaffirmed its commitment to Latin American markets. In this sense, the Mexican newspaper 'El Financiero' cited sources from the company that explained that despite not being able to give more details of the Madero store, they could confirm that the brand still has a solid presence in Mexico and there will be plans of short-term expansion.

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