New York - American fashion company Haddad Brands will be the first fashion firm in e-Valley, the largest logistics centre in Europe.

The French investment firm BT Immo Group has financed the construction of eight warehouses on 320 hectares with a total area of 550,000 square metres.

Haddad Brands has confirmed that it has acquired the first of these warehouses - currently under development - and plans to start using it later this year.

Fabrice Galloo, head of development for e-Valley, explained in a recent interview with the Mexican edition of ‘Forbes’ that “E-commerce figures have skyrocketed during the crisis”.

"For many companies it has become clear", explains Galloo, "that having warehouses in Europe is increasingly important because more and more countries want to move part of the value chain to their own country. Therefore, some companies from non-EU countries have contacted us, for example, from the United Kingdom due to Brexit, but also from China and North America ”.





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