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Huckberry acquires Flint and Tinder brand

By Angela Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Feb 22, 2016

US online men’s retailer Huckberry has just acquired the clothing manufacturer brand Flint and Tinder.

Following the acquisition agreement, Huckberry will be the exclusive retailer of the Flint and Tinder brand, and will focus on maintaining and improving Flint and Tinder's core product lines, including men's underwear and the 10-Year Hoodie (recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the first crowdfunded fashion project to break the million dollar mark).

Additionally, the online retailer will selectively introducing new products to the all-star lineup of apparel in the future.

"As owners of one of the highest-grossing apparel Kickstarters of all-time, and the only high-volume manufacturers of premium men's underwear in America, Flint and Tinder is a welcomed addition to the Huckberry family,” said Richard Greiner, co-founder of Huckberry.

Greiner further added that “Their devout fan base and proud commitment to U.S. manufacturing have made them one of our strongest brand partners to date, making this deal a win for both Huckberry and Flint and Tinder. "

In turn, Jake Bronstein, founder of Flint and Tinder, commented the deal stating that “Huckberry is the future of eCommerce for guys, and while Flint and Tinder will continue as a standalone brand we're excited to tap into their deep understanding of both their customers and product to push forward.”

Bronstein founded Flint and Tinder in 2012 to "reignite American manufacturing, deliver a higher quality product than you're used to, and save a factory or two, all in one fell swoop."

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