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LIM College introduces graduate school, expands master’s programme

By Rachel Douglass


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LIM College flag. Credits: LIM College Facebook

Fashion business school Laboratory Institute of Merchandising (LIM) College has said it will be expanding its master’s degree curriculum under its newly named graduate school.

Dubbed ‘The Marcuse School of Graduate Studies’, the subsidiary of LIM College will now house the institute’s master’s programmes, some of which are new, while others are enhanced iterations of existing programmes, and are set to come into effect autumn 2024.

The school, which has been named after LIM College’s founder Maxwell F. Marcuse, alongside the expanded master’s offering, looks to better position graduates to meet employer demands, the college’s president Elizabeth Marcuse said in a release.

Formulated by LIM College’s dean of graduate studies, Eda Sanchez-Persampieri, the redesigned programmes look to reflect current trends and needs, with more emphasis placed on technology and analytics, as well as options for earning degrees with specialisations surrounding the topics of sustainability and digital media marketing.

The programmes now include master’s in global fashion supply chain management, fashion marketing and fashion merchandising and retail management.

The college will also continue to offer its STEM-designated MS’ in consumer analytics, The Business of Fashion and The Business of Cannabis, each in their current iterations.

Speaking on the curriculum, Sanchez-Persampieri said: "LIM master's degree programs are designed to help move careers forward.

"Students are immersed in the business and fashion capital of the world, learning directly from, and making key connections with, the professionals who make fashion and lifestyle happen."

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