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Queenly buys quinceañera marketplace Mi Padrino

By Huw Hughes


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Image: Queenly

Formal marketplace and search engine Queenly has acquired quinceañera marketplace Mi Padrino for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition will see Queenly completely absorb Mi Padrino, and will give the former access to the latter’s 115,000 users, over 350 quinceañera and bridal dress vendors, and over 500 quinceañera blog posts.

“As a female minority founder, I understand the various struggles of underrepresented communities,” said Queenly co-founder and CTO Kathy Zhou in a statement.

She continued: “At Queenly we thrive to make sure our company goes out of our way to support minority communities and we look forward to helping Latinx women celebrate this important milestone.”

Mi Padrino is an event planning platform for the Latinx community, focused primarily on quinceañeras and weddings.

The company’s planning app reached over 3 million families planning traditional Hispanic celebrations, with 85 percent of its 2021 revenue coming from quinceañera dress sales.

The company’s founder and CEO Kim Gamez said: “We are excited for Queenly to continue the hard work we've started in making it easier and more enjoyable to plan the Hispanic traditions that we know and love.

“We're thankful for all the families, vendors, partners, and others who helped us get to this point.”

Mi Padrino