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Kanye West reveals Super Bowl ad brought in nearly 20 million dollars

By Rachel Douglass


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Scene from the "Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga" video game Credits: Gap Inc.

Controversial rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West has once again made headlines after revealing an unconventional ad during the Super Bowl to promote his merchandise.

In the commercial, West is seen filming himself on an iPhone in the back of a vehicle, while calling on viewers to visit his e-commerce store, Yeezy.com, where he said he has “got some shoes and that’s it”, before the clip cuts out.

The setup drew attention for its blatant simplicity, standing out amid the typically large-budget commercials aired during the event, for which slots reportedly sell for seven million dollars per 30-seconds.

Yet, it appears that, despite all its minimalism, West’s ad itself ultimately reimbursed the costly price of the placement, bringing in 19.3 million dollars for the rapper, who revealed the accumulated revenue in an Instagram post on his personal profile.

West’s affinity for sharing such details publicly has been well reported in recent years, and was just one part of the reason his former relationships with Adidas and Gap were brought to an untimely end.

In mid-2022, the star took to Instagram with claims that both the brands had breached contracts with his own label, alleging that Adidas had copied his Yeezy sliders while further speaking on restrictions that came with his Gap partnership.

West likens himself to Robin Hood with 20 dollar merch

Ultimately, however, it was a series of antisemitic comments and rants that West had begun making that really brought an end to the deals, and forced the two companies to take a stand against West by immediately cutting ties.

Naturally, this didn’t stop West from continuing to push forward with his own brand, through which he has continued to liken himself to Robin Hood with the sale of 20 dollar merchandise.

In a recent interview posted to his Instagram, West went on to state: “People can go and say, ‘OK. This multi billionaire went and spent four million dollars on Balenciaga in one year.’ But did I bring the designs back down to earth? As much as I could, because Gap didn’t take it to 20 dollars the way I wanted to.”

According to West, the brand wanted to “protect the classism of the idea of Balenciaga and the idea of Gap. Or the idea of a Gap and Ye [West’s stage name] collaboration and Balenciaga collaboration.”

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