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TikTok Shop partners with Real Authentication for pre-owned handbag verification

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Real Authentication certification on TikTok Shop Credits: Real Authentication

TikTok Shop has partnered with luxury goods authentication firm Real Authentication to evaluate the authenticity of pre-owned handbags.

The new partnership sees TikTok Shop leveraging the expertise of Real Authentication to assess the legitimacy of second-hand handbags prior to offering them for sale, thereby increasing customer security and confidence.

Offering luxury goods authentication services to consumers, retailers, and platforms since its foundation in 2016, Real Authentication works with a team of experts, as well as its own smart database, to assess the authenticity of each item.

“A point of difference between Real Authentication’s partnership with TikTok Shop in the US and other platforms is that items are already authenticated BEFORE they are listed, not after they are sold,” said Jenna Padilla, co-founder and expert authenticator for Real Authentication in a statement.

“With more consumers shopping online, TikTok Shop in the US provides a one-stop e-commerce solution that makes it easy for merchants to showcase and sell directly through their TikTok account.”

In order to streamline the authentication process, consumers looking to offer the pre-loved handbag for sale on TikTok Shop are requested to register at https://realauthentication.com/tiktok-shop/ to become an approved seller and obtain an authenticity certificate.

In order to gain the certificate, the Real Authentication expert team scrutinizes every detail of submitted items, down to the stitch density, before running it through its unique Smart Database Scan™. This technology rapidly verifies authenticity by matching extensive data points against known counterfeits, aiding in accurate detection.

Once the handbag is approved by Real Authentication, the seller can create a listing and upload the certificate, which will then be approved for sale on TikTok Shop. “We are thrilled to partner with TikTok Shop in the US," said Anastacia Black, co-founder and expert authenticator for Real Authentication, in a statement.

"As the demand for resale luxury increases, it is imperative that buyers and retailers have confidence that merchandise they are purchasing and selling is genuine."

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