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Burberry opens immersive experience on Korea’s Jeju Island

By Rachel Douglass

Nov 15, 2021


Image: Burberry

Luxury fashion house Burberry has unveiled its ‘Imagined Landscape’ experience in Jeju Island, South Korea, as an addition to the series of immersive pop-ups the label has hosted globally.

Displayed within a topographic-like sculpture, made almost entirely from reflective material, Burberry has showcased its latest outerwear silhouettes among a range of ‘phygital’ environments. Products available in the pop-up include the latest iterations of the house’s iconic trench coat.

The label’s new water-resistant gabardine is at the helm of the offering, with much of the material used throughout a number of silhouettes present, including puffer jackets, t-shirts and skirts. Italian-made coats, detachable sleeve puffers and check panel trenches are additionally on display at the innovative space.

Image: Burberry

Like the collection, the sculpture itself looks to blur the lines between the indoors and the outdoors, between nature and technology, with the futuristic location literally mirroring its natural surroundings. The architectural lines are inspired by maps, displayed in a similar manner to that of the mountainous terrain it sits within. A viewing platform overlooks the island’s shores and Sanbang mountain, allowing visitors to take in their surroundings.

In the space, three cinematic films are available for viewing, each by three different artists: Maotik, Cao Yuxi and Liu Jiayu. Visitors are surrounded by screens and can interact with the digital worlds the artists have created, each focused on the great outdoors. Jiayu’s film, for example, centres around the Earth’s natural life cycle, taking viewers on a journey through a digital reconstruction of time and climate, beyond earthly limitations.

Image: Burberry

A partnership with TikTok further boosts the omnichannel existence of the pop-up space, allowing guests to scan a TikTok QR code to activate an augmented reality lens, filling a camera screen with sharks moving over the sky.

In its first appearance in Korea, Thomas’s Cafe will also be present, named after the founder Thomas Burberry. The cafe looks to highlight the house itself, with branded motifs and a suitable colour scheme throughout.

Burberry has further stated that the experience is on its way to becoming certified carbon neutral, with the company focusing on implementing measures to reduce its environmental impact. Additionally, the label has announced its commitment to supporting the preservation of Jeju Island through a five-year partnership. The agreement will see Burberry invest in maintaining elements of the island and support waste elimination programmes that look to preserve the island’s nature.

Image: Burberry
Image: Burberry, Itzy