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Hermès in the Making event is coming to Copenhagen

By Rachel Douglass

Sep 7, 2021


Image: Hermès in the Making

Luxury fashion house Hermès has announced it will be inviting the public to meet its artisans and acquaint themselves with the brand’s craftsmanship for Hermès in the Making.

A selection of exhibitions, workshops, conferences and films will make up the event, unveiling the brand’s contemporary manufacturing process and revealing how items are designed. Artisans from different design trades within the house will be travelling to the exhibition, alongside their materials and tools, to share their artisanal techniques with visitors.

Four themes based on the history and life of Hermès will make up the event, including preservation and transmission of know-how, respect for the quality of materials, commitment to the long-term and regional anchoring. Guests will be guided through the themes with the implementation of immersive activities.

Workshops centre around design skills, including fragrance manufacturing, offering interactive experiences for visitors to take part in on their own accord. Round tables and conferences will be the base for sit down talks and discussions, focusing on the topics of craftsmanship, innovation and transmission.

Visitors will also be able to watch films from the ‘Footsteps across the World’ collection, by filmmaker Frédéric Laffont, telling the story of Hermès’ sustainability development.

The event will begin its round at the Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen from October 15 to 24 and is set to travel to Troy and Miami, in the US, later in the year.

Image: Hermès in the Making