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Veteran editor launches luxury content platform, La Patiala

By Rachel Douglass

Jan 27, 2022


Image: La Patiala

Acclaimed journalist Kristen Shirley has launched a new “online encyclopedia” covering everything from beauty and style to travel and food.

Shirley, an ex-Elle employee and prior luxury editorial director at Elite Traveler, developed the website as a location for readers to gain an insight into what makes certain brands, products and destinations so exceptional. She intends to offer a more accessible approach to luxury goods, hoping to empower readers to confidently interact with brands and services.

After working for 15 years in the industry, Shirley said she “saw a major void in the market”, stating her experience in the area led her to develop the site.

In a release, she added: “In a time when there is a surplus of information available, I found there wasn’t one place that carefully curated essential information about luxury. I launched La Patiala to put all this information in one easy and accessible place.”

La Patiala, which name is inspired by the past rule of British India’s Patiala Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, is organised by category, with functions that aim to be quick and easy to follow. Content ranges from long-format articles to curated recommendations and reviews.