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Vetements launches children's clothing for the bold parent

By Susan Zijp


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Vetements SS23. Credits: Vetements

Luxury fashion brand Vetements, known for its bold designs and oversized clothing, is now releasing children's clothing. The collection by creative director Guram Gvasalia includes the brand's signature graphic T-shirts and main collection, but for children, according to WWD, which reported the news after visiting the brand's Paris showroom.

Vetements, the oversized clothing brand, has released mini versions of its main collection. The brand's famous graphic T-shirts are available in sizes for children as young as four, although the anarchy symbol has notably been surrounded by a heart and the raised middle finger has been replaced by peace gestures. "The jeans were particularly cute, some decorated with childlike scribbles in biros; others dotted with enough handy pockets to carry peanut butter and jam sandwiches for the entire bridge class," reported WWD. The collection also includes army green bomber jackets in collaboration with manufacturing partner Alpha Industries.

"Vetements may now be the fashion brand with the most inclusive size range in the industry - given that it just launched children's clothing, which hung in the same Paris showroom as the 16XXL jumpers on Saturday," the media outlet noted. Gvaslia shared with the platform that his celebrity friends and loyal fans often told him: "I want my kids to look cool, but there is nothing cool for kids." These comments motivated him to create a children's clothing collection.

Vetements began in 2014 as a Swiss luxury fashion house consisting of designer duo Demna Gvasalia and Guram Gvasalia. The brand enjoyed almost immediate success. Demna was hired at Balenciaga after three collections at Vetements. In 2019, Demna left the brand. Since then, creative director Gvasalia has been at the helm alone.