Best Jobs in the World – Stories from the Fashion Industry is a series of open access video lessons created by Polimoda fashion school and taught by leading fashion industry experts. These intensive, short and to the point sessions are designed to engage with anyone worldwide who is curious about the industry and to help those interested gain a better understanding of the different job profiles in fashion. These lessons are a good starting point for your future career path in the fashion industry.

Fashion Design with Massimiliano Giornetti

The first episode features industry expert Massimiliano Giornetti, former Creative Director of Ferragamo and current Head of Fashion Design Department at Polimoda. During his video lesson, Giornetti dives into the world of fashion design, talking openly and honestly about what it takes to succeed in his world.

Brand Management with Danilo Venturi

During the second video lesson, Polimoda’s Director Danilo Venturi reveals behind-the-scenes Polimoda secrets, touching on how he successfully runs a fashion school through the eyes of a creative brand manager. From following his gut instinct to the significance of strong branding, the industry expert shares unparalleled advice for individuals interested in the knockout world of brand management.

Digital Fashion with Lisa Lang

The protagonist of the third video lesson, Lisa Lang - Futurist, FashionTech and New Media Game Changer, named one of Europe’s top 50 women in tech by Forbes, talks about the ins and outs of digital fashion. From product development to digital innovation, the industry expert touches on a wide array of subjects, bringing us into her techy world and giving it to us straight, no (digital) interruptions.

Fashion Styling with Serge Girardi

During the fourth lesson, French stylist, fashion editor and creative consultant Serge Girardi talks about creativity, compromise and storytelling. From working with a creative team to dealing with advertisers, Girardi is brutally honest about the emotion, the energy, the exhaustion and the excitement of being a fashion stylist.

Fashion Publishing with Elise By Olsen

In the fifth episode of the video lesson series, editor, publisher and curator Elise By Olsen gives us her take on independent publishing. From her entrepreneurial spirit to gaining respect as a young creative, By Olsen talks about the importance of learning from your mistakes and the beauty of collaborating with talented contributors.

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