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Three ways how customer-centric becomes employee-centric at Suitsupply

By Press Club



Picture: Suitsupply, courtesy of the brand

When it comes to formalwear, a key piece, no matter what gender identity, is the suit. And the secret to any good looking suit is the fitting. Suitsupply knows that and provides its customer with everything they need to get the perfect fitting.

But not only the customer benefits from that but it also creates a work environment that is shaped by elegance and expertise. With a smart, thought-out business model that connects between customers and employees, Suitsupply managed to create happiness for all stakeholders, leading to a profitable outcome.

Here are three ways on how customer-centric becomes employee-centric at Suitsupply.

Personal connections

In order to achieve a loyal customer base with long-term engagement, Suitsupply creates personal touch points through providing customers with personal style advice. This way, both employee and customer share personal, human connections, while the customer is engaged and the employee can see the direct impact of their work, feeling appreciated and rewarded.

Expertise on craftsmanship for the perfect fit

One of the most important elements of the perfect suit is the fit. To achieve that, the company ensures expertise on its craftsmanship such as the ability to measure, pin and tailor garments precisely to unique body shapes. The employee profits from that by getting personally educated, gaining the company’s long-standing knowledge for themselves and turning it into practical experience. Externally, the customer will get professional, expertise advice through that and a high-quality product.

A luxurious, elegant atmosphere

By having physical locations, Suitsupply enables to bring employees and customers to one place. That means, both groups can enjoy the benefits of energising store designs and memorable locations. On one hand, this benefits by having a distinct and personal customer experience but on the other hand, the label also creates an exciting work experience for its retail employees with it.

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