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When work-life balance is key: how Puma combines the two

By Press Club


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Credits: Puma

Work-life balance is becoming increasingly important in today's job market. The increasing popularity of the 4-day work week and more hybrid work options show that employees and job seekers want jobs that fit their lifestyle. This makes it increasingly important for employers to offer their employees a work environment in which they can combine the professional and the personal in a balanced way. One employer where this concept is of paramount importance is PUMA.

PUMA, known for its iconic athletic shoes and historic designs, understands the importance of exercise and nutrition and, through thoughtful planning, has created a balanced work environment that encourages aspects of personal life, thus positively impacting employee satisfaction and productivity. This is also reflected in PUMA's corporate values, which include sports, social commitment, flexibility and finance.

Promote aspects of private life

For those with office jobs, regular exercise is a welcome break from daily sitting. Although many employees exercise to compensate for sedentary work, they bear the cost and must dedicate their own time to it. For PUMA, however, it is clear that sports and the physical health of employees are of paramount importance. With various sporting events throughout the year and a variety of sports courses, there is always the opportunity to stay active and fit.

Employees who value healthy eating often hope for healthy choices at lunch or spend extra time preparing their own meals. Therefore, in addition to their sports program, PUMA also introduced the "Puma Green Eating" concept. Here, fresh and regional food is offered in combination with sustainable and healthy food. With the help of the organic canteen and nutrition classes, good nutrition is made easy for all employees.

Modern careers in modern workplaces

Workers are increasingly looking for modern careers and ditto workplaces. Among these modern careers is flexible working, which is becoming increasingly popular to spend more time with family and provide variety in the working day. To give employees this freedom in their daily lives, PUMA offers flexible options so that one can work in the way and place that is most effective for them.

Family planning is also a regular talking point during the job search. Balancing work and family can often be difficult, and it can be stressful for some. To avoid such stress and make it easy to combine family life and work, PUMA offers a number of initiatives. These include children's days, summer camps and parent-child agencies, making it easier to combine family and career.

Live today and make plans for the future

A complete life is not only about security in your work, but also security for the future. Many people put off financial planning or retirement planning because they often don't know where to start. To eliminate this fear and give its employees more security about their finances and future, PUMA offers several options to make life outside of work as easy as possible. Private pension plans, easy savings plans and health and travel insurance allow PUMA to provide support and security in private life as well.

For many employees, it is important not only to be valued professionally and have opportunities for development, but also to receive personal support. PUMA has recognized this and has carefully and thoughtfully developed a versatile work environment for its employees.